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London University and Illegal Aliens: Problem Solved?


In August 2012, the London Met University had its license to sponsor students from outside the European Union (EU) revoked unexpectedly, and this left hundreds of people without the ability to attend classes. According to the Home Office that revoked the license, the university was not following the proper monitoring procedures to ensure that foreign students had the legal right to be in the country. This decision was made after the group examined 101 sample classes.

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For the next six months, the university dealt with a series of inspections to determine whether or not they had taken care of the previous issue to the Home Office’s satisfaction. In early April 2013, the London Met was finally given its license back, but they are currently undergoing a 12-month probation period that has left some non-EU students nervous about their future. However, university representatives have stated that they are committed to doing what it takes to keep a diverse student body, so it is reasonable to expect that they will now pay closer attention to their monitoring procedures.

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