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DKNY Social Media Campaign

DKNY Vintage Billboard
DKNY Vintage Billboard

If  you’ve ever been in NYC by the intersection of Houston Street and Broadway in the 90’s you have probably seen the large billboard featuring a black and white image of Manhattan inside the letters “DKNY.”

Five years after the billboard had been taken down DKNY is reviving it’s image. It’s expanding its outdoor advertising and  commissioned ten artists from ten cities (New York, London, Paris, Milan, Dubai, Kuwait City, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo).  Their jobs are to create outdoor art that interprets New York City. The artists can use billboards, sculptures, projected medias and kiosks.

You can see photos of several of the works with artist interviews and behind-the-scenes materials at dknyartworks.com. The site is also sharing photos and comments about the project that viewers and commentators say toTwitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and Weibo.

That’s not all!  DKNY has also released an App that invites users to take photos of each work so they can make a contextual video. To spark further “sharing”, a 10 x 13-foot piece of 3D art in London will be moved to 3 different locations, secretly. To find it, users will have to find out clues on Twitter and Facebook. How exciting and fun is that?

DKNY is releasing a  #dknyartworks collection, that will feature the artists’ work printed on tote bags, scarves and other items. While DKNY does not have that billboard anymore they have caught up with the times and have used social media to attractive new and old customers. Good job guys!



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