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Four Tips for Choosing the Perfect Restaurant for an Anniversary Dinner


Figuring out exactly what to do to celebrate an anniversary can be quite stressful, and choosing the perfect restaurant for the occasion is no different. Although London has a vast selection of great restaurants, this amount of variety can be intimidating. If you’re contemplating some London City restaurants to celebrate the occasion and are wondering what your mate will like best, here are some tips for choosing the perfect restaurant.

Decide the Mood

While it’s possible that an anniversary will fall at a particularly busy time, that doesn’t mean you have to forego something special altogether. If you want to make things romantic, make sure you choose an intimate setting with candlelight, great views and stellar service to set the mood. However, if you’re feeling like something a bit more offbeat, go with your gut and make it a fun night in a more casual setting.

Something Old or Something New?

With so many fantastic restaurants to choose from all over London, picking a place that both you and your significant other can enjoy might be the hardest part. Depending on how often you go out on the town, it might be a good occasion to stick to something you know you’ll both love, so you’ll be certain to have a good time and a great meal. If you’re adventurous, it might be the best opportunity to go out on a limb and try the new place you’ve both been talking about, as it could make the evening even more memorable.

Check the Reviews

If you’ve decided on a couple of restaurants that might have piqued your interest, it might be a good idea to read some online reviews before you make your reservation. As restaurant reviews will give you a good sense of the calibre of service and quality of food, you may want to consider a different dining option if many recent reviews are off-putting. If you’re looking for some great options in London that are well reviewed, you may want to consider Boisdale for Scottish cuisine, Les Deux Salons for classic French or Patara for Southeast Asian cuisine.

Save the Date

It can seem like the most basic of details, but with all the research for the perfect place it can be easy to forget that you need to check with your significant other before anything moves forward. Decide on a date that will work for both of you and then ensure you call the restaurant well ahead of time to reserve, particularly if you’re planning to go to a much sought after restaurant that fills up quickly. Booking ahead of time means you can avoid the risk of not getting a table, and it also makes the evening that much more seamless.

Whether you’ve decided on the best in fine dining or you’re going for something more casual, there are plenty of options in London that will serve whatever kind of dinner you’re looking for. By deciding what you’ll both like and researching your options ahead of time, your dinner should make for an unforgettable anniversary evening.

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