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How to Choose Christmas Gifts That Matter


christmas treeWith Halloween quickly approaching, we all know what it means: Christmas is right around the corner. Yes, Christmas! Our shopping days are officially numbered as we enter into the month of ghouls and goblins. Before you know it, you’ll be putting up the Christmas tree and putting holiday parties on your calendar. In all the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, have we lost the meaning of the gifts we give each other? Has Christmas become just another reason to spend ridiculous amounts of money so we can give the most expensive gifts? Here are some ideas for choosing more meaningful gifts this Christmas season.

Think of the Recipient

Does your husband like to cook? Is your wife always searching for a sharper pair of scissors? Sometime it is the little things that make the biggest impact on the people we care about. When you give a gift that the recipient will truly appreciate – like a brand new spatula or self-sharpening scissors – you are showing that you have listened to and are in tune with your loved one’s needs. Giving a gift that truly makes your sweetheart’s life just a little bit easier is very meaningful. (He will think of you fondly each time he uses that very special utensil that makes cooking easier.) You can even personalize gifts at sites like www.christmasgifts.com for an extra special gift.

Spending Less Could Mean More Fun

Of course your kids may be asking for the latest iPhone, or new video games, but spending a fortune on a gift they will outgrow isn’t always the best option for your budget or your family. Sometimes, choosing a traditional, interactive, non-electronic board game can bring hours of fun and unexpected family time. Having one night a week when everyone in your family is “unplugged” and playing a new board game, while sipping hot cocoa, may mean more fun, more bonding and happier children as a result of the experience.

PresentGive an Experience, Not Just a Gift

Does your sister like to go to the movies? Has your brother-in-law always wanted to take a helicopter ride? Giving the gift of an experience to family and friends may be the perfect solution. If the experience is a little pricey, ask the rest of the family to pitch in and give a group gift. A once-in-a-lifetime experience gift is something your family member will look forward to doing after the holiday season is over, and one he or she will not likely forget for years to come.

Don’t let Christmas sneak up on you this year. Planning ahead can help you select personal, meaningful gifts for everyone on your list, instead of a present that screams, “This is all that was left at the store when I went there on December 24th!” Happy (early) shopping!

Writer Melanie Fleury adores Christmas and enjoys shopping for her kids. With a large extended family, it can be tedious to find the right gift for each and every person on her lists. Gifts at www.christmasgifts.com can often be personalized to add that special touch to your loved ones presents this year.

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