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Mythbusters: The Truth About Insuring Your Trendy New Car


CarSo, you finally got a new car. You can’t wait to drive it and show it off to friends and family. But first, you have to insure it. How do you know you have the right coverage? Is your age a factor when it comes to cost? If you have been in an accident before, or have some speeding tickets on your record, will you still be able to get the coverage you need? If you are a smoker, do you have to pay extra? Read below to find out the truth about some of the most popular car insurance myths.

New Car Insurance is Higher

This may or may not be true in your state, but often insuring a new car costs less money than insuring an older vehicle because your new car meets all the latest environmental standards. Also, it may appear to cost less to insure an older car because you are not comparing apples to apples. People with older vehicles sometime opt for minimal coverage because an older car may not be worth protecting with comprehensive, bumper-to-bumper collision coverage.

Your new car insurance might cost more than what you were paying for your older vehicle, but you’ll have more protection against damages as well. In some states, like Texas, if you were in an accident it does not necessarily show who was at fault on the motor vehicle. When getting a new policy, you may have to show proof of who was charged with fault in order for the insurance company not to give you a higher rate.

American Muscle carThe Color Of Your Car Matters

Another popular myth is that cars that are red and sporty in appearance cost more to insure than the family-friendly station wagon. This is simply not true. When you select a car insurance provider, they should not even ask you about the color of your car. The relevant information does include make, model, year and who will be driving your new car.

The Cost Drops After 25

The two highest-risk groups of people with the most accidents are young drivers and senior citizens. If you are not in either of these groups and have not been involved in an accident in the recent past, your insurance may cost less than when you were younger than 25 years old. Your claims history is a bigger factor than your age in determining costs. If you have been in an accident and it shows on your record, you can find

Smokers Pay Extra

While this may be true for health insurance or even life insurance, whether you smoke or not has nothing to do with how much you pay for car insurance. When you are shopping for car insurance, the agent should not ask about your smoking habits as a determining factor.

No Fault Means No Fault

While Texas is considered a no-fault state, in reality it is, with 10 other states, a combination of no-fault and tort law. This means that drivers are required to have liability that covers personal injury of others should they be at fault in an accident. If you have been injured in a car accident in Texas and the one at fault refuses to pay, you can find an attorney at dallascaraccidentlawyers.net who can better determine if you have a case.


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of car color, age, accident history, or any other factor, it is a good idea to get quotes from several different insurance providers so you have a comparison of rates and coverage. Choose what works best for you, within your budget, and remember to drive safely in your new, newly insured vehicle to keep your costs as low as possible.

Melanie Fleury drives the wrong color car (red) but has not seen any changes to her insurance because of this. When she was in a car accident, determining what the laws were in her state for insurance was a very stressful task. Using a site like dallascaraccidentlawyers.net can help you to find a lawyer that can navigate the legalities in your state.

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