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Great Break Cooking Holiday in Marraketch



Marrakech, Morocco

During the early part of last year I was honoured to receive an invitation to meet a small-dedicated group of people and work on some amazing culinary projects. The group operated from their Cooking School in the beautiful location of Dar Liqama, where they created stunning dishes and recipes.

Food plays a massive part in everyday life in Marrakech. The classes are planned and taught by a range of world-class chefs, who specialize in local dishes like couscous aux sept legumes and lamb tajine with prunes. Furthermore, you will learn the traditional method of baking bread, using locally sourced organic ingredients.

Marrakech, food stall

The best way to ensure that you’re using the freshest ingredients possible is to visit the local Bereber market and hand pick what you require. The Dar Liqama Garden is a great source of herbs, spices and many other obscure ingredients. Taking part in a cooking holiday means that you get to meet local people, explore the vast food markets and learn the traditional techniques from expert chefs…  and best of all… eating your creations!

The Dar Liqama is a grand mansion and a beautiful place to stay during your visit. The property is located about ten minutes from the walls of Marrakech and is regarded as one of the most luxurious retreats in the area. Each villa within the complex is uniquely designed and furnished with a private swimming pool. Other facilities include a steam bath, spa and tennis courts. The complex has a great style and atmosphere, perfect for unwinding in the evening.

Marrakech - Food

My stay has been really informative and I can’t wait to return! Not only did I learn new cooking techniques, but also found the experience really relaxing. I think next time I might even check out the School of Cuisine in Tuscany…. or maybe Cannes……definitely a tricky decision! There are so many quality cooking holidays on offer, I am really spoilt for choice. Hopefully these tips will inspire you to book your cooking holiday, for more information please check out the offers available from @ Direct Line Holidays.

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