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Top 5 Rules on Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring
Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring


Choosing an engagement ring is one of life’s most important decisions as it represents your commitment to your partner. Purchasing an engagement ring is a massive investment and can be very daunting for inexperienced shoppers.  To help you find your perfect engagement ring we have compiled a quick guide:

Work out your Budget

Money Money Money
Money Money Money

When shopping for an engagement ring its always best to get a realistic budget before venturing out onto the busy streets. Many crafty salesmen will try and pressurise you into spending more than you can afford. A good rule of thumb is to base your budget on two months of your income, so if you’re earning £2000 per month, spend around £4000 on a ring. You don’t want to bankrupt yourself or leave yourself short for other wedding expenditures.

Attention to Detail

There are many options available to you when choosing the ideal ring for your partner. The endless bespoke finishes and materials that the shops offer can become baffling. You are going to have to make the right decision based on your partner’s tastes. Make sure you do your homework first before hitting the stores. Keep a note of the jewellery that your partner wears at the moment and try and match the style.

The Stone

Blue diamond

The stone is the centrepiece of any engagement ring. Many jewellers will try and sell you a ready-made piece, but usually you can get a better deal if you select the stone separately. You need to find out what shape your partner wants, the main choices are round, pearl, marquis and solitaire.  To save money its best to try and look for a stone with a really high colour but with less clarity. Once you have found a diamond for your ring please make sure you look closely through a jewellers loupe to make sure it is flawless.

The Setting

Now you have the perfect stone it is time to concentrate on the setting. Its always a good idea to match the stone with the setting and decide if you’re going to keep it simple. Adding extras side stones to the piece can be a nice touch but will push the price up higher.  The materials range from white gold, platinum and titanium. If you’re on a budget it makes sense to spend more on the rock and save money on the setting.

Getting the most out of your Budget

Stretching your budget might be your only option, but this doesn’t pose a problem. Most jewellers will have stones with larger surface areas, which means less sparkle but will look a lot larger.  Reducing the size of the carat can save you a substantial amount and the differences will be minimal to the naked eye.  Choosing a less expensive stone such as a sapphire can help make the ring more affordable. Furthermore, some people prefer to choose an antique piece of jewellery and have it tailored for their partner. To get the most out of your budget speak to the specialists at Mitchel and Co in Birmingham.

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