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The Five Unwritten Rules Of Online Dating


It seems like there is an inequality of success when it comes to online dating. While some people are digital social butterflies, easily scoring lots of fun and exciting dates, others struggle to get so much as a single response. If that describes you — don’t worry, it’s not that you’re unlovable, it may be that you are simply breaking one of the unwritten rules of online dating. These dictums are always assumed and rarely spoken of, yet adherence to them might mean the difference between having a fun, or a frustrating time with your online dating adventures.

Here, for the first time in written form, are the five unwritten rules of online dating.

RULE I — Respond To Messages Promptly

No one likes waiting a week or more to hear back from someone. If you are lazy about responding to messages, lots of people will interpret that as a sign of flakiness. Plus, they probably forgot why they chose to message you in the first place. Check your online dating account frequently and respond to all messages within 48 hours of receiving them.

RULE II — Don’t Lie To Make Yourself Look Better

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with promoting your best features. But exaggerating to the point of deceit is a lousy long-term strategy. Those carefully chosen falsehoods can easily get sniffed out by more savvy and experienced online daters. Some of the smarter ones might even find out your real age and address by performing a background check online. And if you meet in person and go on a few dates, it’s only a matter of time before the truth gets exposed anyways. Start off on the right foot by being honest.

RULE III — Keep It Light At First

Few people like to begin a relationship with the heavy stuff. Sure, one of the most satisfying parts of a relationship is being able to let loose with all the heavy thoughts that cloud your mind, but people also want to know you are able to have fun before you start pouring your heart out.

RULE IV — Pictures Matter

Think you can get away with a grainy selfie if you compensate for it with a sparkling written profile? Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Regardless of how beautifully written your profile might be, no one is going to message you if they can’t get a good look at you. Invest in a high quality photograph of yourself, and be sure to include some shots of you socializing or going on adventures.

RULE V — Perseverance Pays Off

It’s inevitable that you are going to date one or more duds when you start online dating. While some take that to mean that all online daters are weirdos and there’s no chance of finding a meaningful relationship through the Internet, the most successful online daters are those who simply try again. If you really want to find a partner, you shouldn’t let one or two bad dates get you down. You never know if the next person you message is the one you will really make a connection with.

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