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Christmas Crafting: Check Out Classes Offered At Art and Craft Supply Stores


At its core, art is a form of self-expression, allowing you to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with the public. Of course, that public might be your closest relatives and friends, or perhaps a small group of colleagues. Should those people start sharing your artwork with others, even simply telling them about your crafts, paintings or drawings, you could develop a following for your art. You might even reach a point where you can work full-time as an artist.

The latter is the dream of many artists, including artists who have been creating crafts or drawing and painting for several years, perhaps for decades. Regardless of your level, you’ll want to get the right art and craft supplies. You’ll also want to get the proper type and amount of training.

Plaza Art carries a variety of art and craft supplies you can start using right away as a beginning artist. These art and craft supplies include Armour etch, deluxe glass etching kits, bone scorers, bookbinder’s needles, satin cloth tape, Grafix matte film, a heavy duty ball handle awe and dye. The assortment of art and craft supplies a store carries can signal how experienced and passionate store owners are about the creative arts.

For example, store owners who place a high value on art, make it convenient for you to get all of your supplies in one location. They know that scouring the town looking for canvases, paint, molds and mediums robs you of the time to create. Another way to tell if owners of art and craft supplies stores are truly passionate about art is if the stores offer courses, online or offline.

Classes and workshops some art stores offer cover techniques such as doodle and dream journaling, experimental techniques with drawing and painting and figure painting and drawing. Other classes and workshops offered at the art stores focus on developing decorative frames, open studio with figure modeling and working with watercolor.

As artist Katherine Weissman shares at Oprah, “Many art classes start with rules and how-tos.” However, if you know what you want to achieve with your art, you can learn to identify the type of advice teachers share that you may be better off discarding versus the advice you may appreciate leaning on for years.

Great art teachers not only have experience creating their own crafts and artwork, they also start by “encouraging her students to trust their instincts and have fun. Interestingly, there is a physiological basis for this approach: The 1960s research of Nobel Prize–winning psychobiologist Roger W. Sperry established that the human brain has a dual nature—the verbal, analytical mode, located in the left hemisphere, and the visual, perceptual mode in the right,” according to Oprah.com. Furthermore, “Applied to art education, this concept implies a mental shift that’s liberating, exhilarating, and, especially at first, seriously awkward.

This may be one of the greatest rewards that art yields, the chance to express yourself more fully. Having the right art and craft supplies on hand makes that take easier.

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