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The Kardashian Kurse?


Kourtney KardashianRecently, Kanye West has had to cancel several shows on his latest American tour because of poor attendance. At one venue with a capacity of 19,000, a modest crowd of only 4,500 occupied less than 24 percent of the seats.

West became subject to criticism when he stopped a concert in Florida after just three songs, demanded the house lights be turned on, then ranted profanities to the tech staff before storming offstage.

West, an egotistical performer who has compared himself to Jesus, Michelangelo and Nelson Mandela, has offended the Jewish community over remarks he made on a Chicago radio station. Additionally, a new study suggests that West’s connection to the Kardashians is also a reason for his decline in popularity. Could it be a curse?

Both Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are self-serving individuals. Perhaps they are both just ruining their reputations with their own actions, regardless of any superstition.

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