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New Year – New Start – How to Brighten Your Home And Lifestyle


Now that the Christmas decorations have been dispensed with for another year and the house is looking somewhat dull it’s time to introduce some colour into your life. Forgetting about the glitz and sparkle of last month it’s time to introduce so more subtle tones into the home. It’s time to ditch the winter blues and think forward to spring!

  • Add a Splash of Colour

This season most the colours on display offer an abundance of choice that will fit in with any colour scheme that already exists. If your Christmas decorations were deeper shades such as reds and greens or sparkly and glitter tones a simple bright look to a room will create a tranquil environment. Candles are a great way of making your home a cosier place in the evenings and a display of different sized candles can look pretty dramatic even when they are unlit. Bright coloured candles always look great when grouped together and create a welcome colour block in an otherwise plain room. Throws and cushions freshen a look instantly, go for a bright shade that will add some warmth or a pastel shade to bring an air of calm into a space.

New Year New Start, Brighten Your Home


  • Redecorate

Redecorating needn’t be costly either; simple subtle changes can breathe new life into a room. Consult a Feng Shui book and check that your room flows well and all the positive energies you are enhancing are being channelled properly. It may just be a case of moving something that you believe to be really insignificant to a different area of the room that can really make a difference. A simple repaint in a white shade will instantly brighten up a room. Mirrored or silver tone picture frames will encourage light into a room and in the glow of candles of an evening will create a warm and welcoming environment.


  • Flower Power

If your home just needs a breath of fresh air to lift the drab mood outside the window the easiest and simplest way of doing this is with fresh flowers. A simple bouquet is a great way of brightening a room with minimal effort. Plus the smell of fresh flowers can boost feel good inducing endorphins too. The natural energy of flowers can instantly create a sense of tranquillity in a room and can also evoke thoughts about the forthcoming spring months; new blooms and buds are symbolic of this and will create thoughts of brighter days. It’s not just buying flowers for yourself that can be a mood lifter; sending flowers to someone far away from home will make them smile. Flora Queen is one of the florists who can send fresh flowers internationally. Little gestures like this will help you feel better knowing you have helped to cheer up their day too.


  • Have a Change Around

Move around the items you already have. If you have a favourite chair in a room trying bringing it into a room you frequent the most. The familiarity will boost good mood and give a room a new lease of life – sometimes the simplest of things can change a way a room looks as though you have given it a total makeover.


  • Get Things In Order

Have a clear-out and get rid of any old things you haven’t used in the last year, this will also help cut down on the cleaning as you have less clutter. Clothes, toiletries, kitchen products magazines all build up and grow (the minute our back is turned it seems!) Get paper work in order. Pay any outstanding bills, and this goes for emails too. Empty your inbox of any emails you no longer need and look upon it as a new beginning in the New Year. Get your diary and calendar up to date – make a list of things to get done and make sure you put it somewhere like on the fridge door so you will see it every day and tick off each task once you have completed it.

  • Catch Up

Compile a list of friends you have been meaning to catch up with and haven’t got round to it yet. Make the effort to get in touch and time spent in good company even if it’s just once a month gives you something to look forward to and will lift your spirits. This doesn’t

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have to be a costly venture invite friends round for dinner and ask everyone to bring a dish or have a cheese and wine evening. Old friends can help you remember good times and put you in a positive state of mind for the future.


Image: wicker Paradise by Linda Heitmann

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