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Lorena Bobbitt Launches New Charity


lorena-galloMost of you probably remember the name Lorena Bobbitt.  In 1993, the 24 year old manicurist from Manassas, VA did the inconceivable, she cut off her husband’s penis while he was asleep. She claims that she doesn’t remember much from that night; however Lorena says she was attacked and then raped by her ex-husband John Wayne Bobbitt.  Lorena does not deny what she committed was a crime, and it was done but not on purpose.

After all of these years, Lorena Bobbitt hopes to use her story to help victims of domestic violence.  These days Lorena is spending her time helping abused and battered women.  Lorena founded a charity called “Lorena’s Red Wagon” which raises money for shelters across Prince William County.  Since the ordeal Lorena now goes by her maiden name, however she uses Lorena Bobbitt when advocating because she wants victims to know who she is.

Lorena is not ashamed to use her ex-husband’s name when she is supporting her cause.  She said “Something good has to come out of this tragedy like mine.”

By: Laura Harding

Lorena’s Red Wagon is a Non-Profit organization and all proceeds go to domestic violence charities
and awareness events. Lorena’s Red Wagon has facilitated numerous charitable events from donating toys, sponsoring a food drives, to speaking with neglected and abused women and children.

For more information about Lorena’s charity visit http://lorenasredwagon.com/

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