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2013 Fashion in Review Recap Part 2

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Here’s the second part of my 2013 Fashion Review. Not sure what you got right and what you missed out on? Well, review the trends below!

The Pinafore Dress

This is new to me but it a simple, edgy look for women. The pinafore dress is more similar to an apron which adds to the sexiness of it. Combined with leather fabrics or bold fun prints the pinafore dress is a fun, playful dress for the summer. Just throw it on and head out the door.

The Cut Out Look

Want to flaunt your best asset, well cut a hole and show the world a peek. The cut away feature in dresses, blouses, and even pants have become a huge fad. It’s a way to be modest without being too modest. Clover the arms, and legs but show some side boob, or a bare back. Though it varied from subtle to oh so daring but it definitely turned many heads.  


The Cut Out Look
The Cut Out Look

 The Floral Appliques 

If you are a true girly girl then you probably loved the floral appliques the most. You saw not only floral print everywhere but you saw it in 3-D!It was perfect for spring. Floral applique brought the art out of fashion. Its make any design luxurious and fancy with it intricate beading, and delicate fabrics.


 The Sporty but Chic Look

Love fashion but you love sports too? Kind of a tomboy with a bit of feminine features. Well youu had a good year in fashion. Sporty chic was a trend you saw on the runway and even some of your favorite celebs wearing on the red carpet. You don’t have to play sports to look like it. And you don’t have to look blah while wearing sporty clothing. Track and field attire has never been so hot, ever! It’s tailored and modern yet simple.

The Sporty Chic Look
The Sporty Chic Look

The Cropped Tee Look

Great way to show a little skin but with a cropped top. Cropped tops are perfect fot the summer and with the right body features you’ll be showing off more then skin! When its hot out the cropped tank was the go to item in your closet. Just remember the way to execute this look is to make sure your top ends below the breasts and your pants or skirt starts above the navel. 

The Cropped Tee Look
The Cropped Tee Look


Stay tuned for the third and final installment of my 2103 Fashion in Review Series.


-Nely the Fashion Blogger




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