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2019 Beauty Trends for the New Year!

Looking for that perfect makeover for the New Year? Well here are some upcoming beauty trends that can transform your lifestyle and make you feel brand new and glam for 2019! We researched hot upcoming 2019 Beauty Trends and beauty looks for 2019! Don’t miss out!

• Pop on Nails- Pop on Nails are coming back in style and making a strong come back. They are now available in all kinds of colors and lengths. They are safer than acrylic nails which have been known to cause long term damage. You can easily change them and match them with your outfit. They are a lot easier than applying nail polish and waiting for it to dry. Plus it saves you money from going to the salon to get a manicure.

• Scalp facials- If you are looking for a way to revitalize your scalp then this is the perfect beauty tip for you. Scalp facials involve four steps- clarifying, massage, conditioning and moisturizing. They help reduce itching, dandruff, dryness, order and also help you to relax and relieve stress. I love these and whenever I go to the salon to get one I fall asleep. It is the perfect after work and hard day at the office pamper myself. Plus what is more embarrassing than when you are dressed to kill but someone notices you have dandruff on your scalp? We found more helpful tips at!

More Beauty Looks for 2019

• Scrunchies- Looking to recapture that innocent high school girl look? Or looking for other ways to style your hair? Well scrunchies are back in style! Perfect for that serious chic look and available in all kinds of colors shapes and sizes. Such a simple beauty trend can bring out the girlie girl in you! This is a beauty trend that I feel will never die!

Latest Beauty Trends for hair and body:

• Baby Bangs- Bangs are no longer a mature woman’s hair style. Why should you rock a baby bang? Well here is why. Bangs gives your defines the shape of your face and they accent your eyes. Plus they hide lines and wrinkles on your forehead- now you don’t have to think about using Botox!

• Celebrating your Natural Hair Texture- Natural hair is back! Whether you have an Afro or long curly hair your natural hair texture brings out your natural beauty. Stop damaging your hair with hot curling irons and blow drying and just let it flow. I think this is most inexpensive and easiest Beauty Trend to follow!

I guarantee that if you will feel good and look good when you go with the latest 2019 Beauty Trends mentioned above!

Let’s bring the New Year in style! Read more articles on beauty and glam by clicking here!

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