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2103 Fashion in Review Part 1

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Fashion Review for 2013

2013 was a year full of amazing fashion trends. You saw the blend of old classics with new and edgy looks. Follow our 2013 Fashion in Review series to take a look back at all the fashion of 2013.


The Metallics

Metallics don’t have to have you looking like a space creature or astronaut. Spring 2013 was the year that metallics ruled the runways and red carpets events. You saw metallics in futuristic styles and patterns to glamour, accessorized with precious metals and paired with pastels.


The Sheer Clothing

This year was all about what you can show without baring it all . It has become accepted by the fashion world. It’s daring and edgy. When done right it is a huge fashion statement. It started as a small trend and has spiraled into fashion’s staple of sexy.



The New Boho Chic 

The bohemian look is one of romance, free spirit, the carefree adventurer, or the hippie. Designers mixed both luxurious and soft fabrics, and spark an evolution of the boho style. Now the bohemian look cold be for anyone and everyone.


The Clear Plastic Look

Clear plastic was in big time this year. From clear rain coats, to clear clutches. If you could see through it, well then it was the must have item of the summer. Wear clear plastic and it transformed your look into a futuristic extra in one of Lady Gag’s Art Pop videos. Who would’ve thought that clear plastic would’ve become a fashion trend? But it did, and it sure not to go anywhere anytime soon.

 The Black and White Look

All it a classic. Black and white patterns meshed together have always been a classic go to look for women. Want a sophisticated look that would make you stand out in any room, wear black and white. Its similar to the 1960’s mod fashion. Designers bought us graphic black and white checkered pattern dresses and tops with black and white stripes. Play it safe and go vertical not horizontal.

The Androgynous Look

There is always something sexy about a women in a man’s suit. There has always been something sexy about the play of gender roles. When done right, of course. Androgyny in fashion has become more playful and yet subtle. No need for the tie…just a nicely tailored men’s blazer will be enough.


That’s just five of the many trends in 2013. Keeping following our series to see what other trends and fads ruled in 2013!


-Nely the Fashion Blogger




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