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Clarisonic: My No. 1 Beauty Saver!

If you wear makeup, you should have a Clarisonic. Period.


I thank my luckey stars every day for my Clarisonic and my bath oils (topic for another post!)! I have been using the clarisonic for years now and it keeps my face clear and soft always! You can not even imagine the gunk on your face that is left after regular makeup wipes and hand washing! This is the master of all exfoliators which keeps dead skin off and new vibrant skin showing! Despite your skin type, you will benefit from this magic wand!

Whichever model you have, make sure you are getting the most out of this wonderful face-washer! To get the most out of it follow these tip, tricks, and advise!

Start by taking off your makeup, however you normally do that. I wipe then wash, then Clarisonic! It’s like the dishwasher, you must wash first to get the hard stuff off.

Always clean off after each use! This things can harbor more bacteria than you can even imagine! Take the brush off each time rinse with hot water and

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a little bit of soap and dry then let it air dry/store it apart from the devise.

Be gentle, this is your beautiful face after all! This is a powerful little devise and there is no need to press firmly. Actually pressing too hard can lessen your results. Similar to brushing your teeth with rotating bristles, letting the bristles move in their circular motion is good for the gums, pressing too hard is unnecessary!

Store your Clarisonic properly! Whether upright or laying down, store it dry and somewhere where it isn’t going to fall or be damaged.

I have a few must-have beauty secrets and this is by far one of the most important, my makeup has never looked so good. Especially as we age, dead skin and wrinkles are a deadly combination, especially with you try to add foundation on top of that! Use a Clarisonic and moisturize daily and you will have glowing smooth skin!

You’re welcome!


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