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Don’t Know What to Wear on Valentine’s Day? iLikUrStyle is Here to Help!

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It’s that time of the year again! It’s Valentine’s Day and if you have a date and plan on going out for the night, you’ve probably been thinking about what you are going to wear. Well no fear, ILikeUrstyle is here to help. Need some inspiration? Well, look no further. It’s Valentine’s Day so you have to have red on and if you can throw in some pinks too!


First we have to pin point your style. Are you the sporty girl, the chic style girl, the flirty girl, or the romantic girl? It doesn’t matter if you’re going out with your girlfriends, or with a special someone. You should look your best and definitely dress to impress! Like my mom used to say you never know who you might met and you want to make sure you are looking amazing if Cupid decides to strike unexpectedly.

If you’re style is sporty you might want to pull your converse, and varsity jacket out of the closet.  Pair it with a cute skirt and if its too cold out a pair of red pants would suffice. A beanie hat to finish the look and you’re all set.

If you’re the Chic style kind of girl, you may want to grab that leather jacket that’s been away since Fall and pair it with a red dress or some jeans and a cute red top. Make sure to pair with a cute pair of red heels, open toed or ankle booties if the weather is cold.


If you have a flirty style, you may want to grab an A-line skirt from your closet and a corset style top. If you can get a cropped top even better. The key to having a flirty style is showing just a little skin. If available, you can get a bandage style skirt in red or black. Then match with a low v-neck top or bandeau top with contrasting colors of pink, red, white or black.

If you have a romance style, pull out the jean jacket and your Keds. Pair with a red skirt or dress with a nice lace top. If you don’t have a jean jacket get a cardigan, if you have a red skirt, get a red cardigan and wear a white top. If you have a black skirt wear a red cardigan and a pink top. Mix and match and see what color combo works for you.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Accessories can turn a blah outfit and a beautiful outfit! You could accessorize with heart shaped clutches, rings, or earrings. You can accessorize with red dangle earrings, bangles, or necklaces. And of course, red lips!!!!

No matter what you decide to wear just remember Valentine’s Day is about LOVE. So when you’re out strutting your style down the streets, don’t forget to spread the love! Have fun and be safe this Valentine’s day and remember you never know whom you will meet!

-Nely the Fashion Blogger

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