Friday, July 22, 2022

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Dusty Rose: 2015’s “It” Color

Pink will always be that peppy, youthful hue. But pink can be sophisticated and womanly as opposed to childish. A grown-up version from ballerina pink, dusty rose can be found everywhere this spring, and it’s going to be around through fall and the rest of the year.


Dusty rose is that muted pink color, very French, very feminine, and oh-so-chic. Historical and always relevant, it has come and gone through eras of fashion. It has been seen on the runway from late winter to spring shows. The red carpet has embraced it on gowns, shoes, and accessories. Zac Posen created the most celebrated dusty rose dress at the Oscars. It’s even made its way into the salon, dusty rose hair has been all the rage so far this year and could be seen on celebs like Nicole Richie. Pantone even included it in their color report for predicted hues. It’s a hit.


How to wear it? So many dusty rose options are out there. It pairs great with both gold and silver, and always is a sure companion with black. Many silk options in the pink tone can be found, and layered tulle and lace on tanks and skirts have been seen almost everywhere. Dusty rose on top paired with black on the bottom in denim or leather creates a ladylike yet edgy contrast.


Shimmering dusty rose accessories can also be found, a great compliment to many skin tones. Rhinestones, metallic leathers and fabrics and even make-up are a lovely update to the copper and rose gold tones that were abundant last year. Try a dusty rose shimmer on lips and eyes, a silvery pink touch that perfectly accents a pout.


Best thing is that what pieces you pick up now will be in style throughout the year, so get shopping.


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