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A Fashionista Should Get to Know Her Furs

A familiarity with furs is a classy and unique sort of expertise, perfect for a fashionista. And you won’t just be a walking fur encyclopedia – you will also be able to help you and your friends get the best deals on fur clothing! When you walk into a fur boutique, you’ll know which furs are real vs. faux, which are the most valuable, and which might be overpriced. There are plenty of ways you can come by this knowledge. Plenty of resources are available on the internet, including websites of companies that specialize in articles of clothing containing fur. If you live in a large city, you also might be able to find the shop of a furrier, or someone who specializes in furs, close to your home. It’s a large field of knowledge and definitely one to take some time to explore, especially if you’re thinking of studying fashion design.

A Fashionable Woman Should Know Her Furs!

Know Authenticity When You See It

First of all, it’s important to know real fur when you see (or feel) it. Are those adorable fur earmuffs really mink, or are they faux? How do you know? As it turns out, it’s pretty simple. Real fur will have a leathery material at the base that supports all the hairs. If you’re not sure whether this material is truly leathery, all you need to do is push a pin through it. If the pin goes through with little effort on your part, then the fur is fake. The tough leathery base characteristic of fur from an animal will strongly resist your pin.

Explore the Textures

The texture of a given fur is a strong

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indicator of the type of animal it came from. Furs range in texture from coarse to silky smooth. An especially soft fur could be sable, chinchilla or mink, among others. These furs are lightweight and very smooth, even if you brush them against the direction in which the hairs naturally lay. In general, furs brushed against their grain feel course, even if they feel smooth otherwise. If you practice distinguishing one fur texture from another, you will come a long way towards becoming an expert fur identifier.

Gauge the Thickness and Water Resistance

Thickness and resistance to humidity are important factors in determining what a fur is used for. Seal fur is the most water resistant, making it great for outerwear. Raccoon and otter furs, which are some of the thickest furs available, also make good outerwear due to their durability and warmth. They are often used to make hats and coats.

Learn the Most Frequently Used Furs First

When you go to a fur boutique, take note of the types of furs that are most strongly represented there. This will be a good kernel for the development of your expertise. Some of the most commonly used furs are fox and rabbit, both of which are easy-to-breed animals with soft coats that work well as clothing. They come in a wide variety of colors.

If you’re truly passionate about knowing your furs, you should make a point of buying a variety of fur clothing styles so that you can get to know their feel. It’s one thing to brush your hand across a fur stole in a store, and quite another to wear it on a regular basis. Take a look at the wide variety of fur clothing available and choose a few intriguing items that feature all the furs

a fashionista should be familiar with.

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