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How to Boost the Female Sex Drive

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How to Boost the Female Sex Drive
How to Boost the Female Sex Drive

How to Boost the Female Sex Drive

The female sex drive is fickle; it fluctuates over time. The natural highs and lows often coincide with major life changes like pregnancy and menopause. Relationship problems also affect sex, and antidepressants may diminish the sex drive.

A persistent lack of sexual desire may indicate hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). This can cause serious emotional distress for women and their partners. They not have to experience HSDD to seek help, however. Women can do many things to improve their sexual encounters.

Symptoms of a Low Sex Drive

The lack of sexual desire is the primary symptom of low female libido. For some women, a low sex drive may be normal. Even when desire weakens, a relationship can be strong.

When women and their partners are bothered by a low sex drive, help may be in order. The solution may be as simple as a lifestyle change or prescription change. Switching to a different antidepressant, for example, can boost desire and enhance the sexual experience.

What Decreases the Sex Drive?

Female libido is complex. Many factors contribute to sexual desire, and many things can affect intimacy. Among them are physical health, emotional well-being, spiritual beliefs, lifestyles and relationships. Problems in any of these areas can decrease sexual desire.

Physical conditions and fluctuating hormones often affect the sex drive. The physical causes range from diseases, surgery and medications to sexual problems, alcohol and drugs.

Hormone changes during pregnancy and menopause also alter the female sex drive. This is usually due to reduced estrogen levels, which change the body image, dry the vaginal tissues and decrease sexual interest. Relationships and emotional issues further enhance the pro

What Increases the Sex Drive?

Most women benefit from a comprehensive approach to treatment. Some treatments focus on what causes the condition. Sex education, psychological counseling and prescription drugs are three examples. Some drugs, especially antidepressants, cause sexual side effects. Switching from one variety to another may improve libido.

Talking to a counselor or sex therapist can help women address their sexual concerns. This type of therapy is helpful for individuals and couples. It usually includes sex education, reading materials, information about techniques and couples’ exercises.

Hormone therapy is an effective way to improve sexual desire. It delivers estrogen throughout the body through pills, patches, gels and creams. Estrogen replacement has a positive effect on mood and brain function, but long-term treatment increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.

How Lifestyle Changes Can Help

Small lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on the female sex drive. Diet, exercise and stress reduction elevates the mood and encourages sex. Learning to communicate effectively can strengthen partner connections. Scheduling regular sex makes intimacy a priority.

Sometimes, a little spice is all that is needed to rekindle the sexual fires. Women can spice up their sex lives by changing their sexual position, location or time of day. Sex toys and sexual fantasies are also worth a try if both partners are open to experimentation.

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