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Justin Beiber: Fights For The Right……. To Party

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justin-bieber-and-nicki-minaj-beauty-and-a-beat-2012-justin-bieber-32459653-1600-1269Justin Beiber wants to party but reserve the right for you not to talk about his parties. If you are lucky to be invited make sure you don’t go talking about what happens or you’ll be served!

That’s right! Justin Beiber wants to you to know that he’s gonna fight for his right to party without his guests spilling juicy gossip to the tabloids. According to paper obtained by TMZ every guests that enter Justin Beiber’s house must sign a Liability Waiver and Release document stating that if they talk about anything that happens in the his house, well he can sue them for 5 million dollars. Not likely that many of any guests can afford to pay up 5 million to Beiber but its probably best for them to stay quite and never have to worry.

Think it’s a bit extreme? Of course! But the fact that people actually sign the waiver and enter is mind blowing. In this day and age, how many people do you think can stay quite about partying at Justin Beiber house? I mean come on really??? But, now that news has spread people are more interested in knowing what really goes on inside that house? Why does Justin feels the need to have guest sign such a paper? Now we’re even more curious!

With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, some moron is likely to sign the paper without actually reading, it as many of us do.They are going to go ahead and post pics or sell a story to a tabloid and end up being served with papers from Beiber’s Lawyers. It’s only a matter of time. So, this as a warning, if you are ever lucky enough to get invited inside Beiber’s house for a get together or party remember to read before signing and never speak of word of what happens behind closed doors!



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