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Perfume Spots 101: How to Smell Good All Night Long!

My 5 Step Guide to smelling like a rose all night long!

Whether you have a big date coming up or you just want to smell good all day or all night long just apply one or all of these methods below!

And see the picture below on where to apply the perfume!

1. After your shower apply a unscented moisturizer/lotion all over your body. Your perfume will absorb into well hydrated skin.

2. Either place a very, very thin amount of Vaseline alone or on top of your unscented lotion in two areas: The back of your knees and the front of your ankles.Then lightly spray those areas with your perfume. Even though you may not have anyone in those direct regions you will still benefit because those scents will

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3. Mist your cleavage area (where your bra connects), this area is a great spot that produces smells and scents on it’s own and this will just carry your perfume scent with it (if you are wearing a silk bra, spray your perfume before putting your bra on).

Perfume 101

4. Take your perfume and spray one of your inner wrists and dab it against the other inner wrist (dab as in press against each other, don’t rub though because that breaks up the scent) press your wrists together for a few seconds.

5. Last apply your perfume to your hair, yes your hair! Put a small amount of hair serum (preferably not strongly scented on its own) into your palm and spray perfume on it, then add to the ends of your hair (where it will absorb the most). To really make sure it is absorbed go into a steaming room or blow dry the ends for a minute before applying. Your hair molecules are open when heated and allow for such things to be absorbed. To close the molecules the hair must be cooled. Try blowing cool air on it.

We all know that our scent has powers beyond our control, so why not make sure it smells good?!

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