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The World’s Most Romantic Travel Destinations

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The World’s Most Romantic Travel Destinations

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to finally pop the big question or an exotic location to spend your honeymoon the world is full of romantic getaways just waiting for you to explore. From the heart of Europe to cities close to home here just some of the world’s most romantic travel destinations.

Paris – France

There’s a reason the City of Lights has always been considered the perfect destination for lovers of all ages. From its parks and gardens to its beautiful architecture there is no better place to plan a proposal or while away the afternoons visiting the patisseries and cafes of this enchanted city.

San Francisco – California

If you are looking for a romantic destination a little closer to home then head to west coast and visit San Francisco. The city is famous for its artisanal foods and farmers markets and its hill streets and row houses provide perfect scenery. Pay a visit to Alcatraz or head down to Fisherman’s Wharf for some of the tastiest chowder in the country.

Prague – Czech Republic

With its beautiful castles and wide array of unusual architecture Prague offers everything that is great about a European vacation. Enjoy this cities rich cultural history while partaking in its shopping, luxury accommodations and regional cuisine.

Fez – Morocco

For those with a sense of adventure head to Fez for a truly unique romantic experience. Roam the cities ancient alleyways while enjoying its tiles mosques, tea shops and market places. This fortress city is sure to leave a long lasting impression on all who visit it.

San Sebastian – Spain

If you are looking for a beach getaway with a European flare then head to San Sebastian. This idyllic Basque town on the sea has beautiful sandy beaches, fantastic Art Noveau architecture and some of the most amazing restaurants in all of Europe.

Kyoto – Japan

If you are planning a spring trip abroad then head to Kyoto. With its cherry trees in full bloom this city is truly remarkable in its beauty. Stay in one of its many traditional inns and enjoy its vast array of tea houses, temples and historic palaces.

New York City – New York

While New York is often considered more of a family or business destination it is also perhaps the most romantic cities in all of America. With a limitless number of amazing restaurants, shopping and museums you will have more than enough to keep you busy. Head to the top of the Empire State Building for your very own Affair to Remember  moment or take a romantic stroll through Central Park, it promises to be a memorable trip.

Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul offers you the very best of the old and new world. Modern art galleries, nightclubs and fine dining restaurants beautifully coexist with the cities ancient mosques and tea garden. It’s no wonder this city has earned the moniker the City of the World’s Desire.

Montreal – Canada

For a taste of Europe without the cost of expensive plane tickets, head to Montreal for a romantic getaway. With its French-style bistros, excellent restaurants and its vibrant night life this city is great for both music and food lovers.


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