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Tips for Cleaning Your Shower & Making it Sparkle!

Tips for Cleaning Your Shower & Making it Sparkle!

Tips for Cleaning Your Shower

1st of all, for anything that is porcelain tile, ceramic tile, acrylic, fiberglass, and glass shower doors, use Bar Keepers Friend! It  will remove/clean anything! It’s the best thing I have ever used :). Confession: I sometimes use it on delicate surfaces that your not supposed to use it on, with a very, very small amount and wiping very carefully, but I don’t suggest you do this, lol! Do as I say and not as I do 😉

Bar Keepers friend WILL become your bestfriend.

For marble I use a sponge with warm water to clean. To remove any type of buildup I mix 1/2 cup of bleach, peroxide or ammonia with a gallon of water and scrub. If it still won’t come off, saturate with solution and leave for 5 minutes before scrubbing with a soft brush. Rinse out! Using a toothbrush and the solution you can clean the grout like the rest. Then rinse and buff dry. To keep it cleaner for a longer period of time, I do a quick wipe down after showers.

*Alternative for Bar Keepers Friend. For cleaning bathtubs in apartments I use Commit, SOS pads and Bleach. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, most have those white tubs that stain easily but don’t clean up very easily. It’s usually the grooves in the floor of the tub that are hard to clean. I like to Fill up the bath tub 1/2 way with hot water and pour about a cup of bleach and let it sit for about an hour. Then empty the tub and sprinkle a good amount of commit on the problem spots, let that sit for a few seconds and then scrub with the SOS pads. This will work like a charm!

Here is a hommade remedy I found also: How to clean your bathtub with a grapefruit and salt!

Make sure to vent your bathroom while using your cleaners and wear gloves!

Happy Cleaning 🙂

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