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Get Younger Looking Skin With This Skin Care Regimen!

Here is a guide for a good skin care regimen to help achieve younger looking skin!

Younger Looking Skin
Younger looking skin provided by the beautiful Victoria Smith. Photo taken by photographer, Reuben Dixon.

Tailor this regimen to your own skin type and follow daily for best results.

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Skin Care Guide: 

Cleanser- Begin and end each day by washing away dirt and oil with a gentle cleanser. If you have oily skin make sure to look for a stronger cleanser with sodium trideceth or lauryl sulfate.

Moisturizer + Sunblock- By choosing a moisturizer with sunblock you are protecting your skin from sun damage and moisturizing benefits all in one. Look for an oil-free, non-comedogenic product specifically formulated for the face.

Eye Cream- The skin around the eyes is drier than other facial skin. Moisturize this delicate area morning and night with with an eye cream that contains humectant such as glycerin, which plumps the skin as well as fills fine lines.

Anti -Aging Serum- Before bed, apply an anti-aging serum to help combat fine lines and minimize age spots. Look for one infused with vitamin C or peptides that can amp up collagen formation. If your skin is oily, pick a water-based serum, you may be able to use it in place of an evening moisturizer.

Exfoilator- To slough off dead skin cells and reveal the regenerated and younger looking skin beneath, use a gentle exfoilator once or twice a week in the evening. For dry skin, choose a very gentle fruit-based exfoilator. If your skin is very sensitive, using a damp washcloth may be plenty of exfoilation (with no product). Those with oily skin may benefit from a slightly stronger exfoilator with glycolic and salycilic acids.

Evening Moisturizer- Your final skincare step before bed should be to slather on a moisturizer that helps skin repair itself while you sleep. Look for an anti-aging ingredients like skin-restoring antioxidants  and peptides to stimulate collagen production. A lighter, water-based lotion works best for oily skin, and richer creams are more suitable for drier skin.

Happy Moisturizing! Check out more skin care tips from our artists at Event Makeup!

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