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Four Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes Over Smoking Tobacco


Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular, and although a lot of it has to do with the fact that electronic cigarettes are a healthier choice than traditional cigarettes, there are other reasons why people are making the switch. Here are four of the main reasons why people around the world are beginning to choose electronic cigarettes over tobacco.

Major Savings

With the average price of cigarettes at approximately $5.51, smokers who smoke a pack of cigarettes each day are forking out more than $2,000 each year; that sum of money would buy a brand new vehicle after 15 years, or could even be a down payment on a house not long after that. When a person smokes and they have no money for the other things in life, then they can understand this: smoking is an expensive habit, not only for the wallet but also for the body.

A Longer Life

Smoking tobacco is known to have a negative effect on a person’s overall health. Thus, quitting can improve your quality of life. Furthermore, a person’s chances of early death can be reduced as well. According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, people who quit smoking, at any age, have a lower mortality rate at older ages than people who continue to smoke. The evidence is clear that choosing electronic cigarettes over tobacco is a choice that can improve a person’s overall health and reduce their risk of death.

A Higher Quality of Life

Not only is there a decrease in the risk of death from cigarette related diseases, according to the US Surgeon General’s Report, when a person quits smoking their circulation begins to improve and their lung function increases substantially. With improved circulation a person who has quit smoking can enjoy the benefits of better cardiovascular health, increased stamina, and improved digestion. There are a number of other health benefits that are associated with quitting smoking, including lower heart rate and blood pressure; less coughing and shortness of breath; and a decrease in the risk of several diseases.

Acceptance in a Non-Smoking World

More often than ever before, restaurants, shopping malls, and other public places are becoming smoke-free. All over the world, smoking is becoming unacceptable in places where non-smokers gather. Part of the reason for this is that there are plenty of people who are allergic to cigarette smoke. Furthermore, secondhand smoke can be more damaging to a person’s health than first-hand smoke. In addition, smoking can be offensive as it smells bad and it creates environmental damage, such as fires and air quality concerns.

Tobacco smoking results in an expensive habit that can take a huge toll on a person’s finances, and which can be detrimental to a person’s physical well being. When a person is considering quitting smoking, it would be a smart choice to take a look at the benefits of electronic cigarettes compared to the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. Read the following for honest electronic cigarette reviews http://www.reviewbank.com/electronic-cigarette-reviews/.

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