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Freemasonic, Zodiac, Alchemy, Hindu, and Other Symbolic Clothes

Whether you’re in the market for something symbolic or just something stylish we recommend that you check out Label New York. They have mens clothing along with womens clothing that mostly feature some form of symbolic or esoteric style imagery. From tank tops to cotton shirts, scarfs and more there is something for almost everybody.

Rather than have just a logo of the company you like on your clothes, why not let is represent you and what you believe in?

Label New York is actually also a client of Global Good Network’s web marketing firm, Global Good Media and now a partner as well. The owner at Label New York, Jeffrey Goldstein, has been in the fashion industry for many years and has a very unique way of doing things. He loves to keep his logo subtle and small rather than the brash and overly big other styles of clothes out there.

Both co-founders here at Global Good Networks including myself ( Josh Bois ) and my other co-founder business partner Rick Jeffries think that Jeffrey is a rare breed of fashion designer who still likes to have a very personal touch on all of his clothes rather than mass producing them. Jeff likes to hand make each of his shirts and isn’t just another shirt maker or clothing company trying to make it. On the contrary, he has been pushing hundreds of his t-shirts all the time through boutique stores throughout the New York area, quite successfully. After re-branding his website and e-commerce store the business has continued to grow and we are loving watching it from the side.

With other unique symbolic styles to wear such as Maya, Rosicrucianism, Islam, Greek Gods, Flora and Fauna, Asia, Angels and many more there is something to fit the tastes of most religions, cults, or spiritual followings. In fact, he makes himself very available to

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the public so feel free to ask him to customize your next shirt or come up with an icon that you are excited to rep and I’m sure he would be open to talking and potentially making that very custom shirt for you. Don’t forget to visit labelnewyork.com to see the e-store we have helped to build and market for him on Google, Twitter, and Facebook!


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