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Butter for Beauty


3760127384_9eee5a4e89Looking to cut the clutter in your bathroom, save money on expensive beauty products, and find an all-in-one, do-everything cream? Made from nuts from the African shea tree in Ghana and other countries in West Africa, shea butter does everything from healing dry skin to correcting dark spots. Several celebrities and women on the street gave testimony to this little beauty butter’s benefits in a recent article on Huffington Post.

According to these women, and the label on the container, shea butter relieves dry skin, can be used as shaving cream, a hair conditioner, and windburn treatment, to name a few. Plus, as actress Alicia Silverstone points out, it is often in an organic form, made of all natural ingredients that are not tested on animals.

Perhaps shea butter is one of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry because it is so affordable and multitasking. It might be a great alternative to more expensive creams on the market.

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