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5 Ways to Improve Female Libido Without Medication

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Low libido is a very common female complaint. While it is often associated with menopause, it can affect women of all ages. Unfortunately, there is not a “one size fits all” solution to the problem, but certain strategies can improve sexual health and general well-being.

Most women are unaware of the many factors that impact female sexual desire. They are equally unaware of the various treatment options available today. Like men, they may be too embarrassed to discuss their condition with a doctor. This is unfortunate, since the answer to their sexual problems may be as simple as a prescription or lifestyle change.

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Doctors prescribe antidepressants for women who are stressed or depressed. These drugs usually improve sexual desire, but they can sometimes make things worse. For many women, stress is not the primary factor anyway, and depression actually may be frustration over lost libido. The following five tips represent natural ways to improve sexual desire without medication.

1. Reduce Stress
When stress is a major sexual distraction, stress reduction can help the body unwind. Massage therapy, exercise and rest are three powerful stress reducers. Ginseng, licorice and B complex vitamins support the stress glands or adrenal glands. A healthy, low-sugar diet maintains balance in the body.

2. Improve Sleep
Poor sleep affects many areas of life including sexual libido. Without adequate rest, energy suffers and the body may ration it. Gentle exercises performed before bedtime can boost libido and improve sleep. Tai chi and yoga are great ways to stretch the body, relax the mind and prepare couples for sex.

3. Replace Hormones
Fatigue is one of the major contributors to low female libido. Fatigue, stress and poor sleep all affect hormone levels. Menopausal women are often deficient in testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) as well as estrogen. Hormone replacement therapy improves mood and sleep, which naturally boosts the sex drive.

4. Try Herbal Remedies
As mentioned, ginseng supports the stress or adrenal glands. It also combines with DHEA to improve stamina, endurance and libido. Black cohosh and ginkgo biloba are other libido-enhancing herbs. Women who try these remedies report better overall health and well-being.

5. Drink Green Tea
Green tea has a gentle, calming effect on the mind. It combats the mental distractions that disrupt sexual desire and keep the brain alert at night. L-theanine, a particular green tea extract, is especially helpful for boosting libido.

For men, sexual desire is often related to erection problems. Little blue pills and other aphrodisiacs can easily restore the male libido. The female libido is more complex because it intertwines with other areas of life.

Female sexual problems are not all in the head, nor are they only in the body. By taking a mind-body approach and following the above tips, most women can reclaim their lost desire. Increased libido improves the sexual experience and promotes a better sense of well-being.

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