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About Us

Got Glam is carefully poised to bring you into the world of all things beauty, fashion, travel, and good food! Our Got Glam writers and contributors travel, cook, clean house, go to work, and more, bringing you real-world ideas for your everyday life, to always keep you Glam.

For us, Glam means that you work your tush off to, “do it all” while making the effort to take good care of yourself.

Have you realized that a big part of being Glam is eating right? Well, we work hard on a monthly basis to bring you quick, and easy vegetarian and vegan recipes that your friends and family will love (even the meat-eaters ;). Good, healthy recipes are a great way to make your hair grow faster and thicker, make your skin glow, and to help build and tone your body. We believe that food is thy medicine. Don’t wait until after you get health conditioners before choosing your food wisely! Do it now! Our collection of recipes are helpful to lifetime vegans as well as new vegetarians. We cook good, everyday meals that you are used to…but there’s no meat! And if you’re thinking that these vegetarian recipes aren’t going to be filling or be enough for my huge family…think again. When you’re getting the proper nutrients from your food instead of supplements your body starts to act the way it was meant to.

Using healthy vegetarian recipes to feed your family is also a great way to stay Glam. Even if they don’t say it enough, a well-balanced meal that is both healthy and tasty goes a long way. Your children will grow up with healthy habits and healthy bodies while your significant other will have a deep appreciation for what you do. Life is short and we like to make the best of it. Let’s make things in all areas of our life more beautiful.

Most of us here at Got Glam have a background in beauty and we love to create. We enjoy showing you beauty tips, fashion trends, and more. Many of our writers have walked the runway, produced fashion shows, competed in bodybuilding competitions, done makeup for celebrities, and more. We know that for the everyday person, keeping it all together is hard. Whether it’s school, work, or family, it can be hard juggling everything and looking Glam while you do it. But, we promise that it’s possible. We hope to show you tips and tricks to look Glam with that messy bun and only a dab of makeup. We hope to inspire you to shine from within!

At Got Glam, we think that just the right amount of good food, travel, and looking good make a happy YOU and a happy you help everyone around you. When you feel healthy, energetic, fulfilled, and beautiful, you spread joy without even trying. We believe that traveling especially feeds your soul. Experiencing new cultures and meeting new people brings a sense of peace, love, and understanding. Check out our travel blogs for Glam places to visit!

We hope that you feel a connection here at Got Glam. If there is something that you would like us to write more about, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!