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Tips for Using the New PREP AND PRIME BEAUTY BALM COMPACT from MAC Cosmetics!


Tips and comments from PRO MAC makeup artists for using the new MAC PREP AND PRIME BEAUTY BALM COMPACT, below!

What makes the Beauty Balm Compact different than other Prep + Prime

Amy: It’s your shield against harsh UV rays and pollutants.
Prep + Prime Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30 delivers intensive protection in a
solid-balm form.

Hilde: Have your sun protection and wear it too! The smooth balm
will diffuse the texture of the skin’s surface with optical pearl

How much coverage does it have? Can I wear it with foundation or go

Maura: It has the coverage and feel of naturally perfect skin!
Under your favourite foundation, it provides a smooth, poreless look.
Plus, amazing long wear!

Brandy: It’s not colour coverage, but smooth skin in a compact!
Wear alone over moisturized skin, or buff Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
on top for added natural colour.

How it is best applied?

Jen: I love massaging it on with clean fingertips for a smooth and
radiant look all by itself. Get that gorgeous glow!

Taniesha: Blend after moisturizer with the firm 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush.
The result will be a smooth, flawless look with natural luminosity.

130 MAC Brush
130 Short Duo Fibre Brush by MAC

What is the overall look of makeup primed with Beauty Balm?

Lisa: It refreshes dull, hydrated skin instantly! It illuminates
the skin with flawless results.

Stacey: Dry skin begs for Prep + Prime Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30.
Hydrate, prime and soothe your skin with this hard-working multi-tasker.

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