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September, 2013

  • 19 September

    Thinking About Promotions? Here Are Some Excellent Ways to Present Your Brand To The World

    Nowadays it seems unusual if you see someone wearing a jacket without a logo on it. Whilst many simply highlight the manufacturer, there’s a growing trend for companies and organisations to use such clothing to market themselves and their products or services or to help bind a team closer together. …

  • 3 September

    Super Glam Suits for Business Women.

    These days, a suit for the modern woman is more than just presentable office wear; although often rather bland, the suit can be worn to enhance and glamorise if worn correctly and accessorised. The cooler months are upon us, so it might be time to consider wrapping up a little …

August, 2013

  • 29 August

    Personalised Clothing Isn’t For the Rich – Here’s How to Do It on a Budget

    In an age when fashion trends emerge as quickly as they disappear, many shoppers are turning to thrift or custom clothing stores to find unique styles and pieces that will set them apart. The custom clothing retailer Clifton is an example of a modern company that is helping consumers to …

  • 20 August

    Dubai Fashion Shows Fall & Winter 2013

    The glamour of Middle East fashion shows comes into the spotlight twice a year in the grand five-star hotels of Dubai. The fashion events in Dubai are organized around March and September. Check the fashion calendar to be a part of the crème de la crème of fashion shows in …

  • 16 August

    Label New York Symbolic Fashion Clothes and Accessories

      Freemasonic, Zodiac, Alchemy, Hindu, and Other Symbolic Clothes Whether you’re in the market for something symbolic or just something stylish we recommend that you check out Label New York. They have mens clothing along with womens clothing that mostly feature some form of symbolic or esoteric style imagery. From …

  • 7 August

    3 Super Glam Reeva Sarees

    Sarees are beautiful pieces of un stitched cloth that can be draped over the body in glamorous and stylish ways such as that classic wrapped around the wait then high up over the shoulder showing off the midriff in a sensual way under one layer of the material. Coming from …

  • 3 August

    Autumn Is Coming: Five Pieces of Jewelry You’ll Need for Fall Outfits

    With the summer nearing its end, you may be gearing up for the fall and all the new beauty trends that will come along with it. Whether it’s feminine pieces for an understated look or bright pops of color, there’s sure to be a piece this fall that will catch …

July, 2013

  • 21 July

    Borrowed Money For The Latest Fashion? 3 Tips To Pay It Back

      If you are really into fashion and following the latest trends, you’ll probably know the feeling of owing money but still wanting those latest designer jeans. Following designer brands and their constant changes in styles will require money – there’s no way around it – but there are ways …

  • 17 July

    Gettin’ Floral: How To Say What You Feel With Flowers

    How often have we heard the phrase “words can’t express what I feel”? If you feel that you’re not that good with words, don’t worry. You can always say what you feel with flowers. Below are some of the flowers that you can express various feelings that you may find …

  • 16 July

    Fall 2013: New Designer Boot Trends for the Upcoming Season

    Even though we’re still in the middle of summer, individuals who are on top of fashion trends are probably already thinking about the cooler weather and the fashion trends it brings. Autumn’s cooler temperatures mean women have the opportunity to sport the hottest designs of footwear, and new trends of …