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Love Ikea? Then You’ll Love Their Clever New Ads!

Ikea is always innovating ways to stay ahead of their competition in terms of remaining cost-effective yet modern and up-to-date. We here at GotGlam? have always loved IKEA and their ability to stay trendy and help people furnish their pads on the low, while looking great! I for example have been able to furnish my wood-floor apartment with nice wood accessories such as a wood TV stand, wood book shelves, and even wood desks and wood bookshelves thanks to the great IKEA!

Anyways on August 20, 2014 they released a new ad campaign called Time Travel and they start off the campaign by going up to a couple of random customers with a professional hypnotist and asking if they are willing to be hynoptized. It is the lead into to a whole video series that will be released through their Youtube. Once the couple is in this dreamy state they will be taken back in time, likely with all sorts of ikea rooms that are decked out in retro gear, probably as an ad of some new sweet things you can buy at IKEA! 

We personally loved the video, which we have embedded below for your enjoyment, so we recommend that you check it out below and forward on to your friends and fans via social media! Don’t forget to connect with us and IKEA on Twitter among other social networks so you can stay tuned in for the latest updates in the IKEA series!

Let us know your thoughts on this campaign in the comments below and check the video out!\

ARTICLE BY: Josh Bois, CEO 2030 Ventures, Inc & Star of Josh Bois TV

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