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The New Travel Agenda: National Parks 2020

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Some people may not want to ever travel anywhere exotic ever again after the effects of this worldwide pandemic have worn off. However, for those of you who feel nothing can alter or deter your sense of adventure there will still be plenty of adventure to be had.  It is still to be seen if countries will re-open their borders immediately or require additional travel documents. Whether or not you had plans to travel, our National Parks can offer something for everyone.

There are plenty of adventures to be had within your own country’s borders.  Here are some big adventures you can have in your own backyard. So, U.S. travelers, here is a short list of some of the National Parks that are the least frequently visited in the United States.

  • Voyageurs National Park:  Minnesota.

This park is found in Minnesota and is made up of over 40% waterways leaving visitors with the feeling of exploring their own private island.  The lakes offer winter options when frozen and in the spring, fresh berries can be found lining the shores.

  • Pinnacles National Park:

This park in California is made up of peaks.  It also contains a surprising number of wildflowers, and amazing stargazing vistas.  Keep in mind when visiting this park that temperatures in the summer often exceed 100 degrees.

  • Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas.

Guadalupe Mountains provide the canyons and the mountains in one magnificent park. The “Guadalupe Peak” trail which takes visitors to the top of Texas offers glorious views from every angle.

  • Great Basin National Park: Nevada:

If you want another spot perfect for stargazing, Great Basin is the spot for you.  Elevation changes make this park diverse in flora and fauna and caves bring in a previously unexplored element. Variety in this park also make it home to many wildlife species.

  • Congaree National Park: South Carolina.

This park is home to the largest expanse of old growth forests in the United States as well as the eastern U.S.’s tallest trees. This park shows off the beautiful fireflies that call this part of the country home. It also has elevated walkways so that even when flooding occurs the park is still 90% accessible.

  •  Dry Tortugas National Park: Florida.

This park is about 70 miles outside of Key West Florida and includes a chain of seven small islands. It offers shipwrecks and marine life for the discerning traveler.  It additionally offers a 19th century fort which can be used for camping and exploring.  This park also has a beautiful view of the night sky stretching over the Caribbean.

  • North Cascades National Park: Washington.

This park has the most views of  glaciers outside of Alaska.  However, even with its steep terrain and snowy conditions much of the year there are activities for all skill levels and adventure types. Isle Royale

  • Isle Royal National Park:  Michigan.

This park is located on an Island in the middle of Lake Superior and it is only reachable by boat or seaplane. There are many additional remote locations that can be reached by boat, as well as trails, forests and shorelines that are not only beautiful, but will challenge your sense of adventure. Scuba diving is popular at this park as well due to the number of sunken boats in the area.

Be sure when planning your trip that you check with the parks to ensure they are open and plan to remain open for the summer season. Also be aware that booking and safety measures may be altered for a time.

For a full list of our beautiful national parks visit the following link.

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