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My Interview with San Diego Model Victoria Smith!


style="text-align: center">Meet this beautiful San Diego Model Victoria Smith!
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
Where are you from?
Savannah, Georgia
What is your sign?
How old were you when first started modeling?
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
How did you get into the industry?
I started modeling and attending charity events with a charity organization in Savannah called Bikini Nation. I was Miss July in their 2011 calender.
What are your hobbies outside of modeling?
Dancing, swimming, enjoying a good movie, and my new favorite is working out. I never really have before but I have come to believe that if you push yourself to the max, nothing can stop you!
What is your workout routine?
Cuircut training, resistance training, cardio, TRX suspension training, and TRX rip training.
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
Do you stick to a particular type of diet?
For most of my life I would have to say no, but I feel when you start working out it makes you want to eat healthier. I would say salads, fruits, and alot of protein.
What is your favorite beauty secret/tip?
I am such a girlie girl so I love it all. Just always make sure to wash your face every night. Also when in the shower, wash your hair first and let the conditioner sit until you go to get out. It will help for smooth silky hair.
What is one beauty product you could never live without?
Root lifter!
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
Do you prefer to have your hair & makeup done or do it yourself?
Over the years I have learned so many tricks from different artist that now I like to do it myself. From time to time it can be very fun to have someone doll you up!
What is your biggest vice?
I smoke.
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
Favorite book, celebrity, movie, singer/musician?
I don’t really have a favorite but I am a sucker for country music!
Who is your celebrity girl crush?
Megan Fox
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
What is your type of guy?
Handsome, smart, HAS to make me laugh!
What has been your most exciting modeling job?
Working as a painted model for Playboy.
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
How would you describe your fashion style?
Where is your favorite place you have traveled to or like to go on vacations?
Tennessee so far. It is amazing!
Playboy Model
What is your favorite place to be: beach, desert, mountains, etc?
I love it all. I love tanning on the beach, hiking in the mountains, and muddin in the sticks 🙂
What are your goals in the industry?
To push myself as far as possible. I believe owning a promotional company one day would be great. I have never really hoped for fame but I would love to be a role model for other women. No matter where you’re from you can always make something of yourself!
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
San Diego Model Victoria Smith
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Jessica Feigner

Owner of international beauty service company, Event Makeup in San Diego | Blogger | Mama | Veggie Lover | Explorer ~Follow Event Makeup @eventmakeupartists on IG. "I look forward to keeping you connected to the elusive world of all things fashion, beauty & health." -Jessica

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