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A Last Minute Wedding Checklist


You and your wedding planner have meticulously planned your big day, but nonetheless there are some things that go ‘under the radar’ and can be easily forgotten or overlooked. Don’t jeopardize the biggest event of your life by forgetting any of these potentially important details.

Video Overview

  • A Wedding Videographer

You’ve picked out the best wedding photographer you can find, but you gave your uncle your video camera and he knows nothing about production concepts. If you want a high quality video, this could be a bad idea. Instead, if your budget allows – consider a professional camera-person to create and edit a DVD of your wedding that could become the most memorable movies on your DVD shelf.

  • Emergency Weather Preparations

If the forecast shows even a ten percent chance of rain, you should assume and plan for the event that your big day encounters a bit of fury from the heavens. At worst, ask yourself what you’d do if the power Is completely cut off. One solution is power generators, so ask your venue if they have adequate technology to keep the lights on – and your wedding “a go”.

In addition, consider at least some weather preparations even if the weatherman touts clear blue skies all week. The well-being of your big day should not be dependent on the predictions of a weather soothsayer on the TV.

  • Enough Chairs

While this seems like the most basic function of your wedding preparations, sometimes even the most obvious aspect can be overlooked. If you have an outdoor wedding with makeshift seating arrangements, you may want to double check how many guests you are expecting – and if the venue has enough chairs to support everyone. If more people showed up than you expected, you don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way by forcing attendees to camp out in the grass.

  • Memorizing Your Vows

You’ve remembered the first tidbit about having your wedding recorded – and now you run the risk of forgetting a line on your specially memorized vows, and having the slip-up recorded on your official DVD for centuries to come. Instead of ensuring every line is repeated verbatim like a London stage actor, it’s better to instead have a strong sense of how to improvise in the event of a “brain fart” by fully understanding the theme and purpose of your special speech.

  • Food Allergies and the Menu

It’s the day before your wedding, and you’ve remembered that you great aunt is both lactose intolerant and a vegetarian. You call the hotel and find out that every dish they serve without meat is lathered in cheese as a substitute. Dealing with the food specifics and potential allergies of your guests is a very important and often forgotten detail, especially with very serious allergies like peanut sensitivity. Before your big day, make sure your food preparations are squared away.

In Summary

It can be overwhelming to keep track of every little detail for your wedding, but organized lists and a good wedding planner are probably your best friends. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask your elders about their weddings and any important things they forgot at the last minute – so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Hillary Upton is professional blogger who spends her time providing information on wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. She writes for Allure Bridals, a leading designer for bridal dresses, bridal collections and bridesmaid dresses.

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