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Should The Proposal Be A Surprise Or Should You Involve Her In Picking The Ring?


Customarily speaking, a bride-to-be receives an engagement ring and then a wedding band on the day of the ceremony. However, not all women (or their partners) are conventional. They may forego the engagement ring altogether or even the wedding ring. Of course, those who choose this path are in the minority. Most grooms-to-be love giving their future wife an engagement ring and most women love getting one.

However, finances are frequently a problem. The groom-to-be can’t afford both a whopper of an engagement ring and an equally lovely wedding band. Sometimes a choice must be made. This is something the couple must decide for themselves.

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Some women opt to consider their engagement ring, particularly if it has cost her fiancé a bundle, to be her wedding ring as well and there is nothing wrong with that. What would be wrong is getting yourself into deep financial debt from the get-go over rings that you can’t afford. And there is always time, in the future, to add that spectacular wedding ring or a bigger engagement ring.

When tradition is adhered to, the woman receives an engagement from her intended and, customarily, it is a diamond, but it doesn’t have to be. Gemstones — sapphires, rubies, emeralds — you name it are becoming more and more popular and are often the center stone in an engagement ring. Smaller diamonds set surrounding the focal gemstone result in a spectacular looking ring.

If a man is intending a surprise proposal, this is fine, but he really needs to get the inside track on what his soon-to-be finance likes. Does she want her engagement ring to match her wedding ring? Does she like gold, white gold or platinum? Would she be pleased with an antique style ring or is she more contemporary? Does she like thin or thick bands?

There are so many styles, colors and options to choose from this can be an overwhelming experience, particularly for man who has never purchased a piece of big-time jewelry before.

Ask her best friend or her sister or her mother for insight. This is one time you do not want to go wrong. As happy as your intended will be when you present her with the ring, she may be quietly unhappy because the ring is not her style and isn’t really what she wished for.

You may want to forgo the surprise altogether and say, “Hey. I want to ask for your hand in marriage. Will you please pick out the ring you want?” This approach isn’t as romantic as the surprise proposal, but it eliminates the possibility of disappointing her with your ring choice.

Engagement and wedding rings are as unique to the relationship you have with your intended. Jewelry speaks volumes about the person wearing it. Women choose jewelry that reflects their style and personality just as they pick clothing and hair styles and hair color that suit them. You should know your future wife well enough by this time (or let’s hope so) that you are aware she doesn’t go for funky accessories or is a minimalist and would prefer a simple band.

Make sure the rings

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you choose are representative of the woman you plan to marry and also of the distinctive relationship you have with each other.

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