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The Best Vegan Burger of Your Life: Mediterranean Style Recipe!

Mediterranean Vegan Burger Recipe This is a family favorite and is better than any veggie burger that I’ve ever tried. Way better than...

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Dairy Free, Vegan Starbucks Menu!

Dairy Free, Vegan Starbucks Menu! Oh, And The Bugs Are Gone! After reading one day that there was dairy in a syrup used to...

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A Fall Food List With Beauty Benefits!

Check out this fall food list, adding them to your diet can give you a beauty boost from the inside out! Fall fruits...


Are You Allergic To Your Jewelry?

Nickel Based Jewelry… Has anyone out there ever experienced irritated skin after wearing certain jewelry? Ever since I was a little girl my...


Get Younger Looking Skin With This Skin Care Regimen!

Here is a guide for a good skin care regimen to help achieve younger looking skin! Tailor this regimen to your own skin type...