Women and Libido: Reviving the Sex Drive

As the baby boomer generation ages, more and more women are losing their sex drive. Many are entering perimenopause, and others are moving...

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Glam Grilled Avocado Appetizer Recipe- Gluten Free & Vegan

Grilled Avocado Appetizer Recipe Although avocados are available at grocery stores pretty much year round now, their true season is from April to...

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5 Ways to Improve Female Libido Without Medication

Low libido is a very common female complaint. While it is often associated with menopause, it can affect women of all ages. Unfortunately,...

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Easy ways to cut calories every day

Easy ways to cut calories every day Losing weight is never easy. Making healthy food choices and getting regular exercise can seem like...

breast cancer
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Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer with a Vegan Diet!

Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer with a Vegan Diet! To reduce your risk of breast cancer, the American Institute for Cancer Research recommends that...


Fearless Women vs. Breast Cancer

Fearless Women vs. Breast Cancer Although Breast Cancer Awareness month has come and gone this year, do not forget the importance of prevention,...

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DIY Organic Vegan Nonstick Cooking Spray

DIY Organic Vegan Nonstick Cooking Spray Recipe I don’t know about everybody else out there but the ingredients of the nonstick sprays on...

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Organic Vegan Salad Recipe: Curried Eggplant and Lentils

Organic Curried Eggplant and Lentil Vegan Salad Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups of organic veggie broth 2 tsp. of organic curry powder, divided 1...

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The Best Vegan Burger of Your Life: Mediterranean Style Recipe!

Mediterranean Vegan Burger Recipe This is a family favorite and is better than any veggie burger that I’ve ever tried. Way better than...

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Dairy Free, Vegan Starbucks Menu!

Dairy Free, Vegan Starbucks Menu! Oh, And The Bugs Are Gone! After reading one day that there was dairy in a syrup used to...