Thursday, July 21, 2022

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Coco Zaza Gives You That Fashion Zsa Zsa Zsu

Into fabulous fashion, jetsetting, vintage finds, beauty tips and tasty treats? There’s an oh-so-important blog you’ve been missing out on. Coco Zaza is a must-read for all of you ladies out there who give a hoot about self-preservation and looking gorgeous.


Her latest post? Bucket bags. Girls, they’re making a comeback and she showcases a cute little Italian number. Take a peek at her past posts as well. From designer and vintage shoes, to accessories she plucked from her travels across the globe, Coco Zaza is a lovely look into fashion.

She showcases her many talents here as well, take a peek at projects on happiness and well-being. Who doesn’t need a boost from time to time? Put a smile on your face and share the joy after exploring her travels through photos. Guarantee you’ll be intrigued and will come back for more.

How about that hair? She gives a plethora of tips for maintaining your locks. Her favorite products are showcased in various posts and she even gives you her daily, weekly and monthly regimen for taming those tresses. Coco Zaza pinpoints each and every little thing you may need, from what to carry in your purse, to what to keep stocked in your shower for hair care necessities.

Delicious delights she finds and whips up are on the healthy side, and those can be found on her blog as well. Just click on an image and you’ll get the info, recipe, etc. And her travels? They’re on there as well. Stories about where she went, who she met, what she gained. Positive energy and new experiences: that’s the Coco Zaza way.

What will she post about tomorrow? Something new in fashion? A visit to a faraway land? Who knows! Follow Coco Zaza for her latest fantastic find, and happy browsing!


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