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Sugar & Spice & Creepy Delights by Christine McConnell


All it took was one look at her Instagram account, and I was hooked. Pin-up-ish style? Check. A love for all things domesticated? Check. Getting crafty in the mirror and the kitchen? Check. Christine McConnell is one creative gal that does it all…and I think we need to be BFFs.


Her background is that of a makeup and fashion stylist and photographer, her love of baking was just a hobby. She taught herself how to create treats by watching YouTube videos, and continues to practice new techniques. Her desserts often incorporate found or made objects, such as handmade candles unique to each piece. She has said many of the items used in food and photo shoots tend to come from estate sales, Wal-Mart and even Home Depot. By glancing at the culinary masterpieces, you can make a direct connection between precise detail of brushstrokes on desserts and intricate visual nuances of her makeup styling work.

Christine works both in front of and behind the camera to capture not only what she’s whipping up in the kitchen, she also adds her flair for bringing horror to food and photos. Her sense of humor comes out in the poses, funny captions, and minute details. Tiny skulls adorn a cake, she made alien crustacean-like cookies, and in a photoshoot, her fling with a murderous 80s look-alike gets cut short by her beheading him. Kill or be killed. That’s funny, right? Right. Who doesn’t like a pretty lady who’s into creepy things and can make you laugh? A touch of gore with exquisite Gothic details are seen on many of her cakes, ranging from weddings to voodoo-themed parties, and they all look scary good.

All photos are from her Flickr

After you see a photo, her beauty can be compared to that of Lana Del Rey, with flowing dark locks and Old Hollywood glam. McConnell also possesses quite a bit of talent, as her photos and baking clearly depict. She isn’t too shabby with a makeup kit, either. She works as a stylist for the Cal Martini Color Group in Beverly Hills, and has accomplished quite a bit of celebrity styling for shoots and events, which is how she makes a living.

Take a peek at her confections and camera work via photos under the name christinehmcconnell. It’s a treat for both the eyes and the palate!

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