Friday, July 22, 2022

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Without my daily amount of spinach I turn in to a crazy person. Whether I eat them raw like chips or in a salad or in a smoothie, I don’t care, I have to have them! But if you are not weird like me and don’t love the taste of spinach then whip it up into a smoothie and suddenly we will be on the same page…loving spinach!

My Yummy Spinach Smoothie Recipe!

2 handfuls (maybe 3, I love this stuff!)

Almond Milk (a must!)




Spinach Smoothie

That’s it! I throw all of the above ingredients in my Bullet mixer and voila, I have the best snack ever! And I get a lot of greens in! You can mix and match fruit and veggies to find your favorite smoothie mix. My favorite part is mixing the pears and spinach together, it is delicious to say the least!

Now if the delicious taste and the convenience of a 3 minute snack doesn’t convince you, let’s go over the nutritional benefits!

A Glam list of nutritional benefits from spinach:

Protein, yes the most of the calories in spinach come from protein, yes protein!

Spinach is a better source of potassium, better than a banana!

Iron baby, lots of iron!

Lots of calcium!

Lot’s of metabolism-boosting magnesium!

And that’s just a few of the amazing benefits!

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