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How To Wash Fleece Blankets – Keeping Your Fleece Blankets Soft!


How to Wash Fleece Blankets That You Got During The Holiday To Keep Them Soft!

how to wash fleece blankets

There may be more interesting and possibly more important subjects and questions out there in our complicated world but, for the moment, we want to appeal to those with a very specific problem: How to wash fleece blankets or, in the singular, how to wash a fleece blanket. Don’t tell us you do not have a fleece blanket because everyone in the USA, and in most of the free world, has had at least one fleece blanket in their lifetime.

We get them as birthday or Christmas gifts, at sporting events, and even as prizes at fairs and social gatherings. A fleece blanket is always pleasantly received because we know it will be well-used by ourselves and our family! But, as we well know, one day it will get dirty and, once again, we’ll have to ask ourselves how to wash fleece blankets?

Washing fleece is pretty easy because of the type of fabric it is, whether it is fleece or microfleece. The only differences between fleece and microfleece blankets is how tightly it is woven together and how thick it is. The microfleece is the thinnest and woven the tightest. You can find 100,200, and 300 thread count fleece on the market.

When it comes to figuring out how to wash fleece blankets there are many thoughts and discussions on the subject. Some will tell you that tossing your fleece into hot water with a good, strong, and reliable detergent is the way to go. On the surface, it does appear to make sense. When you see your blanket inexplicably on the floor, gathering dust, dog or cat fur, and any number of disturbing germs the thought of a cleansing hot wash seems like a good disease preventative. Yes, most will think, this is how to wash fleece blankets!

Usually, fleece is made from polyester. Fortunately 100% fleece is usually vegan. Fleece fabric can be entirely made from recycled plastic, that usually being plastic bottles. Regular fleece that is not made from recycled plastic is usually made from petroleum. If your looking for a vegan blanket make sure to check the label because some blankets are a mix of fleece and wool (and wool is obviously not vegan).

The query remains: How to wash a fleece blanket or, in general, how to keep blankets soft?

The preferred methods on how to wash a fleece blanket: Use the gentle cycle with cold water. It not only renews your blanket but also allows the fleece to remain soft. For an extra bit of fluff security you can add some liquid softener to the water or, later, when tossing the fleece into your dryer, you can add sheets. But wait! Once again, there is the thought by many – those who have washed many fleeces over the years – that your fleece blanket should never be put into a dryer — less so with dryer sheets that, on a fleece, will turn them rough! To keep your fleece soft, it should be line-dried. This old timey act will not just keep your fleece soft but also smelling infinitely fresher. In the end, a fleece owner will have to make their own decision.

How to Keep Soft Fleece Blankets Soft:

  • Pour the instucted amount of liquid laundry detergent into the washing machine for your load of blanket(s).
  • Then place the blanket in the washing machine.
  •  Use the gentle cycle using cold water.
  • During the rinse cycle, add the instructed amount of liquid fabric softener.
  • Skip the dryer. Hang the blanket to dry.


  • If you wash your laundry in hard water it can lead to rough blankets. Use a water softener and add to your water as needed to help keep your blankets and clothes soft. It works wonders on cleaning your clothes/blankets and making them softer.
  • If your blanket tends to shed in the washing machine, place it in a laundry bag case (like what you would use for delicate garmets) and then put it in the washer.
  • Don’t use dryer sheets on your fleece blankets. They can leave a coating that can cause the blanket’s surface to feel rough.
  • If there seems to be a coating on your blankets that make them rough, try using an extra rinse cycle to ensure all of the detergent is removed.
  • Don’t use the dryer.

While we can give you ideas and knowledge from those who have experience on how to wash a fleece blanket you, as a fleece blanket owner, may need to experiment a bit, figuring out the most manageable way how to wash fleece blankets, and seeing what works best for you and the family.

How to wash fleece blankets may not ever be as important as your son’s college education or you and your spouse’s 401Ks but, for comfort sake, picking up on small tips and tricks, like knowing how to wash a fleece blanket, can make life just a bit easier and comfortable! How to wash fleece blankets? Who does not want to know that?

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Jessica Feigner

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