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Morning Routines for a Busy Mom

Morning routine

Morning Routines for a Busy Mom

Having a morning routine is a must when you want to improve your performance or efficiency. It is believed that having a morning routine helps in reducing anxiety and stress while at the same time improving your life satisfaction. Morning routines also give you the energy to go throughout the day. For moms, it’s very important to have a routine so your children know what to expect. 

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Wake up before your children should be every mom’s routine. Your morning can be chaotic when you oversleep.  Suddenly those small issues like your kids forgetting where they left their shoes while you do not have time for breakfast can become stressful. These incidences can make your morning hectic.

Below is how you can establish a good morning routine.

1. Prepare the previous night.

Preparing a night before will make your mornings run much smoother even though you may want to relax after a long day. If you spare a few minutes to prepare for tomorrow, you’ll find your mornings manageable. It also makes you mentally prepared and makes appropriate plans that you’ll need to be productive.

2. Wake up before everyone.

Even if you aren’t a morning person, try to wake up before your children. This you enable you to get some uninterrupted time to manage yourself and prepare for the day.

3. Stretch

Stretching can be useful to centre and prepare yourself both mentally and physically before the daily duties. It helps the parasympathetic nervous system and recovery. Instead of suddenly opening your eyes then jumping from your bed, take a few minutes to stretch.

4. Give the kids some space of their own

Give your kids some basic instructions then let them do their thing. This will help bring sanity to your day since you’ll have some time to relax or focus on other areas. This will also make the kids learn on doing things on their own.

Morning routine5. Make it simple

The most critical factor in most successful morning schedules is the simplicity and ease to follow. Try to make your routines less intense and very simple as possible. It will make your mornings less tiresome and Bring sanity to your day. 

See more tips for kids here. 

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