Friday, July 22, 2022

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Intel STS Winner Announced At Glamorous Gala


Glamorous Crowd Enjoying the Gala at the National Building Museum

Recently, our GGN founders Josh Bois and Rick Jeffries, were given the opportunity to attend the Intel STS event and Gala as a philanthropic press outlet that promotes innovation and positivity.

Here at GotGlam? we love to cover great events and venues, especially when they are glamorous and this event definitely qualifies. You can see all sorts of high-profile individuals ranging from political powerhouses to executives, International delegates and other heads. From black ties to full on tuxedo’s and bow-ties we were able to experience an amazing event that showcased some of the best and brightest high-school talent in the United States within the Science and Technology field. The majority of the students honored had innovated in major areas such as cancer research, sustainable energy, disease prevention, mathematics, programming, and other related fields. With future schools lined up such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cal Tech and more these students were more than smart, but also able to dress very nicely.

The event venue was the National Building Museum in Washington DC and had everything from a full bar to a vaulted ceiling to a shooting water system in the middle of the crowd. This beautiful spot was a prime location for such a prestigious crowd and student base and we were honored to attend.

Let us know your thoughts on this venue in the comments below as well as your excitement about everything that happened at the STS event this year. Check out our official list of 2013 Intel STS Students.


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