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The Importance of a Girls Trip

Why is a Girls Trip so Important? 

After a long week, month, or year, you finally decide to have a trip that is meant to relax both your physical and mental health with your girls. Get your crew together and brainstorm a place that you all want to go, maybe just 2 hours from where you live and commit. Having these trips has many advantages that prove to be essential for both you and your entire girls’ crew. This article will discuss the importance of these girls’ trips.

Gain some Appreciation

Escaping from reality is essential to these girls’ trips simply because it is during these trips that girls gain a greater appreciation of each other and of their lives at home. This is mainly achieved because they have an exceptional group of girls who cheer you on and encourage you to live outside your box, something that you might not get at home. What is also fun is all of the compliments on new outfits or bathing suits that you would not get at home.  🙂 

A Girls Trip Helps in Releasing Happy Hormones

Some research has proved that when girls hang out with their like-minded friends, their bodies release serotonin. This is a transmitter that is scientifically known as the happy hormone. Moreover, more of this hormone is released when girls hang out with their friends. This results in making these girls feel loved, trusted, and happy, all in all, relaxed.

Girls Trip

Girls Trips Can Help You Live Longer

Studies have also shown that when being around like-minded friends who appreciate you can be an essential ingredient to your health. Other studies have proven that when you have good friends around, you will increase your lifespan.  The ins and outs of life can be draining and get very repetitive.  The laundry, dishes, diapers, lunches to be made, dinners, etc will all still be there. Take some time to immerse yourself into some deep conversations, belly laughs in the middle of the night, and really get to know your friends.  If you have been putting off a girls’ trip because you feel like it is too selfish or irresponsible, I hope you will reconsider.  A girl’s trip is sometimes all you need to feel refreshed and give your family the best version of you. 

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