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A Screen Free Summer for Kids

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How to Get Your Kids to Have a Screen Free Summer

Kids easily get attracted and easily attached to video games, computers, TV, and tablets during the summer as technology is what mostly surrounds them when bored. Going screen free is hard for most kids as their creativity seems to diminish during the summer months.  Getting glued to a screen can also be encouraged by a lot of parents as they employ technology as a form of child care. Parents provide technology to their kids to keep them occupied without being around to watch them.

Despite the popularity of technology with kids, it is still possible for kids to have a screen-free summer. Kids can get out and engage in outdoor activities that are beneficial in different ways like boosting creativity, arousing interests, and keeping them physically and mentally fit.  Read on for some ways that kids can have a screen-free summer.

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Outdoor Fun

During the school year, most kids spend lots of time indoors. So summertime provides them with an opportunity to interact with the environment and have fun. Parents should understand that it is recommended by experts that children should spend at least three hours daily outside.

Some of the activities a child can perform outdoors include:

• Fishing

• Camping

• Playing an outdoor sporting activity

• Swimming

• Biking

• Visiting a park

• Garden cultivation

Art and Craft Activities

To boost creativity and be more inventive, the activities a kid can partake in include:

• Using beads to fashion earrings and necklaces

• Photography

• Making something out of recycled materials

• Drawing what they can see outside like trees

• Painting

• Learning how to sew

Imaginative Kids Play

Using their imagination delivers a raft of benefits to kids including improving skills for problem-solving and enhancing communication and social interaction. For a screen-free summer, see below for some imaginative activities kids may find helpful.

• Relying on blocks/Legos to come up with creations

• Create a fairy house

• Set a play

screen-free summer

Outdoor Academic Activities

Though summertime is a period for relaxing, a little learning here and there will be more beneficial to a child in the long run for their academic journey.  Some of these include:

• Tour historical sites

• Learn how to cook

• Improve literacy skills by playing board games

• Visit museums for art and science

• Visit nearby libraries

In conclusion, to make sure your child does not suffer from boredom or gets glued to the screen, these different ways provided here can be really helpful. The activities require no or minimal supervision to be performed by a child.

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