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Younger Looking Makeup Tips

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Younger Looking Makeup Tips that give you a more fresh-younger looking appearance!

Blake Lively Makeup Tips
Love Blake Lively’s look, always fresh!

Uplift your eyes and your spirit!

  • Simply apply a plum or brown eyeshadow all over your lid and extend just slightly past your crease line.
  • Highlight the corner of your eye, your brow bone, and the outer corner of the lower lash line with a shimmer shadow.

Makeup Eye Highlighting Areas

This makeup look counteracts sagging and opens up your eyes and makes them pop. And, when you look good, you feel good!


Create Fuller Looking LIPS!

If you already have thinner lips then you want to stay away from darker lipstick colors because those colors can make your lips appear to be even smaller! But, pinks and berry colors will give you a fuller looking appearance.

Keep in mind this basic guide when shopping:




Lip Stick Tricks


Achieve a more youthful glow!

Dewy skin with a hint of color will give you a younger and healthier look.

Dab a bit of creme blush on your cheeks to get that color, quickly and easily! Try LADYBLUSH Creme blush from MAC, I wear it daily and love it!

Younger Looking Makeup Tips

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