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Zyrtec Keeps Your Face Beautiful During Allergy Season



This post brought to you by Zyrtec. All opinions are 100% mine.

Zyrtec truly cares about you and your allergies. Not only can they help relieve you of your allergy symptoms but now they are helping provide tips to hide the allergy symtpons so you look as good and feel as good as ever!  Don’t let Allergy Face get in the way for your next big event, stay glamorous so you never have to ask yourself if you Got Glam?!

Definitely check out the Make Up Tips video so that you can learn a few ways that you can get beauty tips to look your best during allergy season. These are mostly made for women seeing as guys don’t really do anything different when they have allergies beauty wise so listen up ladies!

Some of the tips that they offer include the “wet eye look” where you help draw attention away from your eyes when they may be irritated or red from allergies and bring it towards your eye lashes.

They say that this turns irritated eyes into “luscious lashes”. Another hot makeup trend that they go into is the “naked eye palette” which you get by wiping eye shadow across your eyes to give it a nice shadow look. Also they recommend another look where you take the blackest eyeliner you can find and outline yuor eyelid three quarters the way around and then follow with some gold to get your eyes to pop.

Watch The Makeup Tips Video Below:


Don’t forget to pickup your Zyrtec Bottle when you are at the store next!

Why is learning these tips about makeup so important for ladies with allergies?! Check out this infographic that covers some of the reasons and stats about allergies:


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