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When Your BFFs Don’t Like Your BF

When Your BFFs Don't Like Your BF
When Your BFFs Don’t Like Your BF

We’ve all been there. You meet someone you really like, you date for a while and as it becomes more of a ‘thing’, the time comes when you’d like to introduce your new beau to your friends. Bearing in mind you’ve been going on about him for a while, expectations are now high.

The day finally comes and you all meet in town for a drink. You’re excited, perhaps a bit nervous. The evening goes well, everyone seems to be getting along nicely.

Fast forward to the next day. You wake up late, slightly hungover but check your phone for text messages from the girls. Nothing.  Hmmm? you wonder. Maybe they’re still asleep. Later on you call your bestie. She somehow manages to talk about everything but him. So you finally ask her and all she can say is ‘he seems nice’. Nice?! “Is that all she can find to say about him?’ you think to yourself, slightly infuriated.

So they say it’s not a good sign when your friends don’t like your partner. After all, if you have much in common with your friends, and you feel you have lots in common with him, that logic would dictate that they too should get on with him too. So why is it sometimes not the case?

Here are 5 common reasons:

1.  He was inappropriate:

Could it be that when you nipped off to the ladies (or even worse, when you had your back turned) he made an advance on one of them? If this is the case, hopefully one of your friends will eventually tell you (and hopefully you’ll get rid of him ASAP!).

2.  He was seriously boring:

Is your judgement clouded by his good looks? A good way to figure this out is list at least 10 riveting conversations you’ve had with him. Ok, at least 5 then. No? Time to be honest that this is a case of lust not love.

3.  He tried too hard:

If he spent the evening being overly nice to everyone, that can come across as a bit desperate. It’s great if he’s interested but too many compliments and niceties are a off-putting.

4.  He couldn’t be bothered:

On the other end of the scale to reason 3, maybe he didn’t make an effort to get to know your friends. Not a great sign. What will he be like when you introduce him to your parents?

5.  You deserve better:

Friends should be well meaning when it comes to your dating choices, so maybe they simply think you deserve better.

While ultimately you’re the one who will be dating him, if none of your friends seem to like your new partner, it’s a good idea to ask them for their honest opinion. The general rule is, if it’s right and it clicks, they will like him too, so if they don’t, take a step back from the situation and take your friends’ critiques on board. If none of what they say makes any sense, maybe you’ve found the perfect guy for you and they’re simply jealous!

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